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Why Amico?

Amico is a boutique insurance brokerage for businesses looking for that level of service that can often be lacking in our industry.


At Amico:

  • I will be your broker, and as the business owner, that won’t change;

  • I understand what it’s like to be in business, which guides how I provide my services; and

  • Your business is my livelihood. I work harder to ensure your satisfaction.

There’s no harm in getting a second opinion on your insurance program, so reach out today.

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Michael Partridge

Director, Amico Insurance



Amico provides services under the licenses of two of Australia's leading insurance groups.

General insurance services are provided under license with Oracle Group (Australia) Pty Ltd. 

Life insurance services are provided under license with Synchron Advice Pty Ltd. 

The scope, scale and resources available as a result of our association with Oracle and Synchron enables Amico to provide boutique-level service, with corporate-level protection to our valued clients. 

Our Financial Services Guides are available at the following links:

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Ground Floor, 58 Kings Park Road 

West Perth WA 6005

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